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$38.00 - $45.00

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At time of purchase put in the notes what combination of plugs you would like. Options are both angled, both straight, or one angled and one straight. Also you can choose the color of heat shrink used to seal the plugs. The options are Red, Green, Purple, Black, White, Grey, Yellow, and Orange. Just leave in the notes what color you would like. Thanks.

These are high quality speaker cables to go from you amplifier head to your favorite speaker cabinet. These are built with 12AWG 100% Pure Copper Stranded Wire that is also 99% oxygen free. For the plugs I use REAN NEUTRIK NYS225L Jumbo Straight Plugs and REANNEUTRIK NYS207 Right Angle Nickel/Silver Plugs. All cables are built one at a time when ordered by hand. Everything is hand soldered with quality and performance in mind. These are extremely durable and made to last. The plugs are also protected with dual wall abrasion resistant heat shrink. This adds as a durable barrier and a great strain relief for the wire. The wire is covered in 1/4 inch rubber insulation. I can offer a heat shrink cover over the whole cable for an added price of $10 per cable. Leave in the notes the color of shrink you'd like the cable wrapped in. Options are yellow, red, white, black, orange, purple, dark blue, light gray and dark green. My standard cables come in 3 foot lengths. I can make any cable length necessary and ask you to please contact me if anything over 3 feet is needed and I will provide you with a quote.