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The WIZARD WHIP is ultimately a much higher capacitance cable. The idea originated for me from a client asking if I could mimic the tonal quality of a coiled cable with a straight cable. The journey began for me to create this. While this has been done before I will say my version is unique in tone due the values of the components used. There is a small capacitor placed into one of the Straight plugs of the cable. This is what is driving the capacitance much higher for the cable overall. The tonal characteristics you will get with this cable are incredible, especially with some gain. This cable pushes all the correct frequencies in a very ear pleasing way. Mids will jump out at you and the low end gets a touch tighter while the highs get pushed and fattened as well but not in a harsh manor. I've noticed a greater positive difference as soon as gain is added to your tone. This works well with pedals or straight into an amplifier. It can be used at any part of your signal chain but I do recommend having it go from guitar to amp or guitar to board. A WIZARD WHIP only comes in a 20’ length and must use one Straight Jumbo Plug. It can be built in many colors including, Red, Sea Foam Green, White, Blue, Orange, Purple, Yellow Tweed, Natural Tweed and Gray. Like all of my cables you also get to choose the color of heat shrink used to seal the plugs, options are Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, Black, Orange, Gray and Purple. You can choose the options of the second plug and color of heat shrink below.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to me on Social Media.

Thank You

Image of Ampturco 20’ - 15’ - 10’ Straight Instrument Cable ⚡️RIFF WHIPS⚡️
Ampturco 20’ - 15’ - 10’ Straight Instrument Cable ⚡️RIFF WHIPS⚡️
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