ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS ONCE ORDER IS PLACED. Issues will be dealt with on a one on one basis.

Stratocaster Wiring Harness

$165.00 - $200.00

These are Hand Built one at a time
And have about a 3-4 week turnaround from when order has been placed and options have been discussed.

The pictures are of harnesses I built in the past and show CTS pots and Oak and Grigsby switches. See description below for what will now currently be used.

Stratocaster Wiring Harness will include Vintage Inspired Pickups 250k+ potentiometers and a CRL 5 way switch as well as a switchcraft output jack. Tone capacitors that will be used are Mojotone Paper In Oil at values of .047uf or .022uf or both depending on the wiring. Treble Bleed mod can also be added for an extra $10. Select Treble Bleed option below. I will measure each potentiometers value and hand select where they will land in the circuit for the best possible tone available. There are a few alternate wiring methods for the Strat which I will discuss with you once the order is placed. We can add the bridge pickup to one of the tone pots in a few different ways if you'd like. I can also do a complete custom job including push/pull pots, toggle switches, kill switches and so on. Just get in touch with me before you order as these would be an extra up-charge depending on your ideas. I also do custom wiring for HSS Strats with the Humbucker in the bridge. I use a 500k volume pot and 250k tone pots and wire 500k resistors in parallel so the middle pickup and neck pickup see 250k load if they are single coiled pickups.

***Vip Pots have a 3/8" shaft on them and most times foreign Stratocaster style guitars will need their potentiometer holes on the pick guard slightly enlarged to allow them to fit.

***The output jack can't be soldered until the final install of the harness due to the output jack plate and how the guitar is routed.