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Fully Loaded Stratocaster Transparent Pick Guard



I have all of the pickups and all of the components ready to go.

Good afternoon! I am doing 6 fully loaded Stratocaster Transparent Pick Guards with custom Hand Scattered Wound Pickups in White or Black from ODEZZA Hand Wound Pickups Company. These pickups are a great representation of a solid Stratocaster setup for a vintage blues/rock tone pallet. If you haven’t already, please go and check John’s page and site when you have a chance. I am one of his clients as well as a good friend. I have used John’s pickups personally and as well as for a lot of local clients builds with my harnesses. John is very good at getting that sound in your head to the amplifier.

The pickup specs are listed above on the first slide. The second slide shows what the harness will look like. This is cusotm wiring with the first tone pot closest to the output jack will be the tone control for the bridge pickup only. I will use a .047uf capacitor here. The second tone pot in the middle of the controls will be the tone control for the middle and neck pickup. I will use a .022uf capacitor here. This gives all three pickups a very balanced tonal sweep when using the tone pots. You will be able to have a custom label for each tone capacitor as well. The wiring will also feature one of my Custom Treble Bleeds which adds a whole new level of tonal options when rolling your volume down to clean up your signal. The bleed sounds very natural and doesn’t cut too much low end. You can see all the harness components specs on the second slide of this layout. This is limited to 6 Transparent Guards as of right now. The cost for the whole setup is $525 plus shipping. You will be responsible for soldering the output jack and string bridge ground wire during the final install. The Output jack is included as well as lead wire soldered to the volume pot for the output jack. I can’t solder the output jack before the install due to how the routing is for the wires on a Strat.

The last two slides of the fully loaded guards shown are for reference only. One shows wiring I did a while back for Eric Zapata from the Gary Clark Jr. Band and the other fully loaded guard is one I recently finished up and the client provided me the Kingtone Pickups and Blues Switch. None of the Kingtone products will be included with this harness. I just wanted to show you how I do the full layouts.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to me on any of the social media platforms.

Thank you!

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