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In the notes please list what combination of plugs you would like, so either dual angled or dual straight or one of each. Also list the color of heat shrink you'd like to seal the plugs. Options are red, green, black, white, yellow, orange, light gray, purple, and blue.

Here we go back to the retro coiled instrument cable. These were often used in the past because of the higher capacitance created by the extra cable to coil to give a bit of a darker sound to the instrument. I balance all of my cables to measure about 35-40 picofarads per foot which tonally is great and allows the instrument to be heard as it should. These cables while being solid aren’t overly heavy and don’t pull your guitar or bass down while playing standing up. They don’t get tangled either which is fantastic. They are 30 feet when stretched and about 8-10 feet at resting position. Right now I’m offering them in regular colors of Black, White, Orange, and Sea Foam Green, and in translucent color of Translucent Purple, Translucent Green, Translucent Red These are all hand soldered. In the notes you can add what color heat shrink you would like the plugs to be sealed in. Red, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Gray, Blue and Dark Green. Thanks!