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AMPTURCO 6’ or 10’ Heavy Grade HIFI IEC Plugs and Wire

$65.00 - $115.00

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Here I am building a 6’ or 10' or any custom length Heavy Grade HIFI IEC Plug for your tube and solid state amplifiers or any product that uses an IEC plug. These will replace the often light gauge IEC cable with the molded plugs that often ships with your amplifier. Those cables are usually 14-16AWG not pure copper wire. My Plugs are Gold Plated 100% Pure Copper and my Wire is 12AWG 100% Pure Copper and Insulated as well. These are a great investment for that vintage Tube or Solid State amplifier. These are also very reliable and durable for the road and constant gigging. I’ve built 4 of them for my own amplifiers I use daily.

These can also be built with a heavy duty wrapped cloth insulation as seen in the picture above with the 10' cable. Options for that are listed below. I can also do any custom length. If a custom length is needed please contact me at [email protected] or on any of the social media platforms.

Thank you!!!

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